Our CEO, Praveen Madire spoke to the Times of India in relation to the disruption brought about in the contractual hiring space due to Covid-19.

Will the boom in the contractual job market sustain post pandemic as well?
Business will look different in the post-COVID-19 world. 

We may see a more permanent shift towards contract and remote working in the post-pandemic world.

Uncertainty about how the pandemic will play out and when economies will regain momentum may be among the reasons for plans to increase the number of contractors they use.

Another reason to make labour a variable cost through contracting may reflect cost pressures companies experience as they work to survive through the downturn, it may stay with us as a popular practice that, if done well, can improve job satisfaction and raise productivity.

What kind of contractual jobs are in demand? 

The fastest-growing job titles used by the hiring managers when searching for tech candidates in the last couple of months are Software Developers, Software Engineers, Front end Developers, Data Analysts, Web Developer, Data Scientists, Java Developer, Full Stack developers, Cyber Security.

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