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Techfynder HR India Conference

The Techfynder HR Conference India 2023 was a Big Success! At the event, our esteemed speakers brought light to the daily concerns of recruitment. With that, we had a terrific 150+ Engaging HRs at the event.

Techfynder HR Event Conference

The event was held in the prestigious T-Hub headquarters in Hyderabad. We had a panel discussion on the Challenges of Recruitment in 2023, and how HR Technology can provide a sustainable option for businesses moving forward.

We have a special welcoming message from the CEO of T-Hub, Srinivas Rao Mahankali. Our panel consist of:

Palagummi Lakshmi Kanaka - Ernst & Young Sachin Malhotra - Smiths Group plc
Afrah Aamer -Technology Expert
Rajeev Kachara - Brainstorm

The agenda discussed was:

1. The cost of hiring in 2023
2. Securing an employee after an employment offer
3. Is hiring pre-vetted candidates possible in Today's marketplace? 4. Sustainability and the use of technology within recruitment

After the panel discussion, we had three individual speakers.

Ernst Young - Palagummi Lakshmi Kanaka
Sky Computing - Ahmed Aamer
Techfynder - Paul Guy


Speakers at the Techfynder HR Event Conference


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