Techfynder-Active in over 150 countries

Techfynder grows in over 150 Countries Worldwide

Today Techfynder reached a significant milestone by having its direct hiring platform live in 150 countries worldwide.

We would like to thank all the talented jobseekers who have joined us over the past two years, with many embarking on new careers across the globe. We would also like to thank all our clients who have stuck with us and continue to do so by consistently delivering our transparent subscription solution.

If you are interested in using our solution and feel it can benefit your business please do get in contact; we would be delighted to introduce you to the team.

Register in seconds and get immediate access to our Global Talent Pool of professionals in over 150 countries.

Techfynder is the only Global HR Tech platform that allows businesses to contact and hire Professional Talent for their projects without paying any commissions.

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