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Techfynder, an Irish company that has developed an online recruitment platform for IT contractors, is seeking to raise between €3 million and €5 million following a surge in use by clients during the Covid-19 crisis.

Techfynder said it expects 600 new jobs to be sourced through its platform in the next three months alone.

“We have seen an appetite for our service increase at an unprecedented scale due to Covid-19, especially in Germany, the Netherlands and France as well as Britain and Ireland, ” said Techfynder’s head of marketing Paul Guy.

He said much of the increased business is a result of companies looking to quickly upgrade their existing IT facilities so that staff can work remotely.

As well as finding contractors for clients, Techfynder is also hiring itself. It announced plans late last year to hire 50 people and recruitment continues in both Dublin and Hyderabad, India, despite the pandemic.

Techfynder’s service, which is available via a dedicated website and a mobile app, allows contractors to highlight their skills, experience, daily rates, location and length of contract sought, and match them with suitable companies. The service is free for them to use, and allows them to line up their next job ahead of time without having to scour and post on multiple recruitment platforms.

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