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Techfynder continues to grow throughout Q4 this year

Techfynder, a unified HR Tech platform that allows companies and agencies to directly connect with professional talent and to carry out every aspect of the recruiting process via a single portal, continues looking at the global landscape from machine learning to automated behavioural science with Artificial Intelligence logic, expecting a 22% growth on business by 2022 (Including a 38% increased revenue in Asia as well as a 15% growth in Eastern Europe due to increased demand in Cyber Security).

As in many industries, AI is now being used in the HR industry to improve and simplify the hiring process. According to Techfynder, 18% of its demand comes from companies and businesses looking for AI to optimise procedures and obtain strategic sourcing results, and 82% are using it.

The start-up has achieved a 40% higher revenue this quarter and expects to grow throughout Q4 onwards, as a result of its investment in technology, and the diverse and experienced management and tech team, forming the base for growing Techfynder globally.  

The future belongs to businesses that use technology at the centre of their outlook.

Praveen Madire, Founder and CEO, said “We need to innovate to be part of a new digital edge. The future belongs to businesses that use technology at the centre of their outlook. This is a revolution, as it impacts society and is becoming today’s reality for millions of workers and companies around the world, reflecting the best of the digital and physical worlds. The challenges and opportunities posed by the future of work may seem limitless, and they can present new realities every day. Investing in the digital is fundamentally changing business and forces the future of work”. 

AI is quickly emerging as a key tool for businesses to connect with professional talent, especially in times where both are at odds over remote working. Hire and onboard remote candidates have never been simpler with communications and sourcing tools available. 

Techfynder has become one of the most trusted tech recruitment platforms, used by companies across India, Europe, and the United States. The company uses a hybrid model of utilising AI Technology with specific account management. Currently, Techfynder has 50 clients using a Strategic License where they manage all admin and deployment of their requirements. 

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