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Finding talented technology contractors in the global market is no longer solely the concern of technology businesses, it’s now due to Covid-19, the main challenge for all businesses.

Techfynder is empowering employers and IT contractors to find one another quickly and connect with one another directly, saving time and money.

Since its launch in October 2019, it has seen rapid growth. The platform is already active in 92 countries and is used by more than 52,000 technology contractors – one-third of whom are female – and 170 client companies.

It is experiencing significant growth in Germany. “We have seen an increasing appetite in the German technology market for contractors joining Techfynder as well as businesses availing of their services,” says Guy.

“They can see that our solution allows them to connect directly with companies based on their skill level, experience, and rates. Currently, there are over 124,000 professional IT contractors based mainly in tech hubs around Munich, Berlin, Dortmund, and Dresden, as well as in cities such as Erlangen and Stuttgart.”

Techfynder’s IT contractor base in Germany grew to almost 2,500 in its first five months and is now 5,500, being used German client companies such as global player TES, the technology deployment global company.

Corporate subscribers use it to meet a variety of recruitment needs. “One international project saw a client fill 75 jobs, in just five weeks, for positions in Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, and the UK. In another, a UK client company hired five people in each of 17 cities across Germany, with Techfynder supplying 20 candidates for each position.”

The global talent base is growing fast. Currently, there are in excess of 3870 tech skills listed on its platform, with new ones added each week.

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